Books and Magazines

This Land

This book is a tour of David Opdyke’s massive postcard art mural, with stories and commentary throughout. The jacket that folds out to a poster of the entire artwork.

Michael Heizer

A legend in the Land Art movement, Michael Heizer doesn’t allow his work to be reproduced. This is still a dense, thorough account of the artist's life and work.

Soft Mud, Hard Beauty

The book chronicles Reginald Hough’s career from the early 1960s to 2016 as a pioneer in the use of concrete in modern architecture. It showcases many iconic modern buildings the techniques used to realize them.

Walking Broadway

An architectural tour of the entire length of Broadway. We created maps for the 14 walks and put together an easy-to-use book covering the the history and architecture of New York’s most famous street.

Material Transfers

Explores the use of traditional materials with contemporary forms, and the opposite: contemporary materials applied to traditional forms, and some variations in between.

Japanese House Reinvented

Unusual and innovative architecture from Japan. Each project had tons of images, a story, technical information, floorplans, and a bio of the architect.

Pigeons in the Piazza

An Italian travelogue and personal memoir. Long-form text with  many, rich photographic illustrations. The display type is inspired by Venetian street signs.


This book celebrates the intersection of art and science with the National Academy of Sciences’ art collection. The art is paired with essays by art and science thought-leaders.

Resilient by Design

Resilient by Design challenged teams of engineers, architects, designers and other experts to combat sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes.

Resilient by Design Brief

A thorough brief for the teams participating in the year-long challenge. The book employs infographics and careful information design to clarify the research and guide users to critical and relevant data.


This book investigates why spectacular buildings by star architects get commissioned and procured. A combination of urban studies essays and photography.

MIT Technology Review

We came up with a new structure for the front section,  called “Download” which we design each issue. It’s dense with a bunch of varied stories.

Field Notes, from The Urbanist

This is our favorite section in The Urbanist (see above). We try and do something funky and dynamic with the layout each time, but within the magazine’s overall structure.

Urbanist Magazine Covers

Some of our favorites.

The Urbanist Magazine

For SPUR’s monthly magazine, we used a tight but flexible grid and clean typography to accommodate the varied, dense content of each issue.

Momentum Magazine

The member magazine of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. We came up with a new masthead and overall design for the rich, varied magazine.

Momentum Magazine

Shawn Hazen was a member of the staff that started architecture and design magazine Dwell. Here are some favorite layouts.

Table of Contents, Dwell

Each issue used a unique color palette, and the table of contents introduced it through a full page of color, which helped it stand out among the ads.

A few more projects

The Visionary State

Through image and text, this book explores California’s ecclectic spirituality: the unique confluence of eastern, western, and mystical religious ideas and their off-beat manifestations.

Chronicle Books

As a designer at Chronicle Books, Shawn got to work on some fun and funky things. Here’s a few.

Cooper’s Hawk Cookbook

Cooper’s Hawk is a winery with restaurants around the Chicago area. This book gathers recipes from chefs around the country and pairs them with wines.


A few pieces from the archive.

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