Geodesic Poster

A poster to promote a new brand design initiative internally at Facebook. It was fun playing with the funky geometry and funky production—it’s three spot colors and silver foil.

Time Traveler Packaging

Historical virtual reality experiences on compact, user-friendly smartphone viewers. We designed the identity and packaging.

Various Album Cover Designs

SPUR Annual Report

SPUR’s last printed annual report. The square format was a fun departure, as was the bold color palette. Although, the timeline might be the best part.

Iron and Wine Posters

Hazen worked with band Iron and Wine on a bunch of things. Here are a bunch of posters we designed, some of which have also been turned into t-shirts and bags.

Color Burn Album Covers

Designs for various releases by Color Burn. The artwork employs geometric forms created from collaged elements, and subtle, custom type for the band’s name.

Kaleidos Wine Labels

Identity and labels for a northern California winery. The wines are carefully crafted blends, so we crafted a visual system that shows the ratio of the different components in each.

Poster Archive

A handful of posters from over the years.

Apple Micro Store

For these smaller Apple stores, a unique backlit, modular graphics display system was developed with the architects. The photographic backgrounds and informational panels can be easily changed-out seasonally.

Apple Computer Science

A campaign to convey Macs’ speed and flexibility in programming to hardcore coders. It used illustrations built out of real computer code.

Apple Life Science Posters

These posters were designed to promote the use of Macs in the life sciences. The light areas are a subtle gloss varnish. The screens show a biological entity or process which completes the picture in the background.

Packaging Archive